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Treatment for Spondylosis of the Spine In kerala.
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Neuro & Muscular issues are available at Sreerangom CVN Kalarichikilsa Kendram.
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Spinal Injuries Treatment Hospitals In Kerala.Spinal Injuries Treatment Hospitals In Kottayam.Spinal Injuries Treatment Ayurveda Hospitals In Kerala.
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Sreerangom C.V.N. Kalari Chikilsakendram, offers the benefits of age old Kalari System of medical treatment to the mass. Kalarichikilsa (Kalari system of medicine) has a history of over 1000 years and was developed as part of Kalarippayat (Kalarippayattu), the martial art form of Kerala. Kalari system combines physical and mental training with holistic healing therapy. Sreerangom has been famous for treatment of ortho, neuro and muscular diseases such as arthritis, spinal injuries, sports injuries, bone fractures, spondulosis (spondylitis), rheumatism, genetic imperfections etc. Though popularly known for kalari massage, Sreerangom offers ayurvedic treatments for different ortho-neuro-muscular disorders.
Treatments for Ailments Treatments for following ortho, Neuro and Muscular issues are available at Sreerangom CVN Kalarichikilsa Kendram. Arthritis Spinal injuries Sports injuries Tennis elbow Joint dislocation Genetics Spine injury dislocation Back pain Tendinitis Muscle spasm Diabetic neuropathies Neuromuscular disease Rheumatism Osteoarthritis Spondylosis Fracture Dislocation