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AYURVEDA MASSAGE The treatment with Ayurveda medicines is very common in India. People use this therapy when they do not want to undergo modern surgical procedures. Our organization provides Ayurvedic Treatment to our patients based on old Indian culture and traditions. Our Ayurveda massage helps the patients in recovering from their pains and injuries and making their body strong. We have gained international recognition in providing ayurvedic treatment to the patients. Many foreigners visit our facility for getting physical treatment and mental training.
AYURVEDA SPORTS MEDICINE It is common for athletes and sports persons to get injured while participating in sporting events. Sports injuries require special care while treatment as modern methods of treatment requires surgeries and use of drugs which affect the career of sportspersons. Our center offers Ayurveda sports medicine which is based on Kalari system and offers long term solutions for the athletes. Our specialized treatment for the sports injuries is done with the help of herbs and oils. The treatment is free from side effects and is not hostile to the body.
SPORTS INJURIES TREATMENT Sports injuries are injuries that occur to athletes participating in sporting events. In many cases, these types of injuries are due to overuse of a part of the body when participating in a certain activity. Sports injuries require special care while treatments. Modern treatment methods might require that surgeries be carried out, which shall prevent the sports person from actively pursuing the sport or require use of drugs which can get the athletes banned. Ayurveda based Kalari system has natural methods for treatment for sports injuries, which offer long term solutions, taking into account, the career of the sportsman. Kalari system has an inherent advantage in sports medicine and treatment of sports related injuries because it was primarily developed to treat injuries caused due to Kalarippayatt, which is a form of martial arts. In effect, the Kalari system can be said as a predecessor of modern age sports medicine.
KALARI MASSAGE Kalari massage provides the speedy recovery of the injuries of the body which happen due to accident. This is associated with the Kalarippaya, ancient martial arts of Kerala. It was used to treat ancient warriors and fighters who got injured during wars. It rejuvenates the body and mind by stimulating the unique self-healing nature of the body. This massage is done with medicated oils and herbal medicines. Our expert masseur massages the body depending on the age, body type and nature of injury to the person.
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Kalarichikilsa (Kalari Therapy) Kalarichikilsa (also called Kalarichikitsa, Kalarichikiltsa) or Kalari Therapy is a system of medicine based on Ayurveda, specializing in treatment of orthopedic disorders, sports injuries and neuromuscular problems like back pain, spondylosis, arthritis, inborn imperfections of human body etc.